Vin de Chablis, Domaine de l'Erable, producteur de vins blancs en bourgogne

Deliveries are made by courrier (24h) or by post (colissimo in 48h). All orders must be placed before noon to be shipped the same day.

Delivery times are provided as a guide, and exclude unforeseen circumstances, force majeure or being out of stock, wich could delay the delivery. All orders placed before 12am will be shipped the same day. After 12h, the package will be shipped the next day to your home, your place of work or a delivery depot of your choice.

ATTENTION Orders placed after 12pm on a friday will be shipped on Monday of the following week.

Pursant to paragraph 1 of the consumer Code Article L. 121- 20-3, the Domaine de l'Erable undertakes to deliver ordered products within five working days. If the Domaine de l'Erable fails to deliver within the seven days dealdline, the customer can secure a refund of monies paid by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, to the Domaine de l'Erable- 1 rue Emile Proudhon- 89160 CHASSIGNELLES. France.

The delivery of each product is indicated in the respective product.

In case of delay, the liability of the company The Domaine de l'Erable can be initiated and no claim can be claimed by the customer.

Delivery is deemed to be made upon delivery of the product to the carrier.

The Domaine de l'Erable is discharged from its obligation to deliver in the event of froce majeure such as war, riot, fire, strikes, accidents, states of natural disaster and the inability to supply from a supplier.

The goods always travel at the risk of the recipient.

Always check your parcel on arrival in the presence of the deliveryman to attest that there are no broken bottles, and that order is consitente with the delivery. The buyer has 48 hours to file a claim with the carrier or the Domaine de l'ERABLE in case of missing goods, damage or breakage.

Community supply

Any Order placed on our website and available in a country of the European Union is subject to the application of French law and taxes. Therefore, the buyer wishing delivery in the EU mandates the Domaine de l'Erable to secure delivery of the goods on his behalf with the carrier of their choice. Under the application of french law, any delivery to the EU is quantitatively restricted to 10 litres of spirits. By accepting our terms and conditions during the passage of the order, the purchaser certifies having read these provisions and accept in its entirety.

In case an order exceeds the quantitative limits, Cote aperitif will refuse the order, and then propose pricing according to the rights and duties of the exporting country. To find out the terms and pricing conditions, contact us:

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