Vin de Chablis, Domaine de l'Erable, producteur de vins blancs en bourgogne


domaine familial domaine de l'erableDomaine de l'Erable began in 1986 when Joel BON with a passion for wine and the soil, planted his first vines in the area of Courgis.

Over time, he extended his vineyard to Beine and then to Chablis, taking care the same time, to share his knowledge.




Delphine et Julien BON Domaine de l'Erable

Today, his son Julien BON, with his wife Delphine, continues this adventure, driven by thesame passion for the soil and the same desire to share the traditions of the wines of Chablis. The Family farm, passed on from father to son, now produces two levels of the wine: Petit Chablis and Chablis, made from the noble Chardonnay grape.



Domaine- The Soil and the Vines

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