Vin de Chablis, Domaine de l'Erable, producteur de vins blancs en bourgogne


Located in Burgundy in the heart of Chablis, Domaine de l'Erable is a beautiful vineyard planted at village of Courgis, 6km from the town of Chablis in the Yonne. This family estate produces two levels of the wine: Petit Chablis and Chablis made from the noble Chardonnay grape.

The vineyards of  Domaine de l'Erable are planted on sloping hillsides that provide optimum sunshine. The special characteristic of the estate is that 70% of its vineyards are south facing, wich promotes rich aromatic wines.

The kimmeridgian soil type of the region adds richness and porosity, thus promoting deep rooting of the vines and a regular supply of water.

The vineyards are worked with great care. Part of the harvest is done by hand so we can select the best grapes.

Each section of the vines is vinified separately in order to keep a true terroir. The wine is made using tradtional methods in stainless steel tanks to preserve freshness and typical characteristics of Chablis.

The wines of Domaine de l'Erable covering an area of 15 hectares are distinguished by their finesse and minerality.


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